Of Gentle Giants

Maine Coon Hobbyzucht

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Of Gentle Giants Toulouse

blue cl. tb. white

Madepi-Coon's Jack in the Box Le Bou Minu Bobby Sox Ch. Coonopry Lone Star Le Beau Minu
Le Beau Minu Minnie Pearl
Suntiger's India Arie Rump-Coons Caleb
Midnight-Tigers Maya
Madepi-Coon's Bella Queeny Ch./US Ch. Mainesuspect Riddick Bowe US TGC Sarajen Sambuco of Mainesuspect
LunarCoons Portia of Mainesuspect
Macoonaam Ferrero Kiss Savincoon Festus Haggen
Macoonaam Belaquanee

Tia of Ashby

black cl. tb. white

Billy Soto of Chamberlain Dwayne Pride of Chamberlain Int.Ch. Hawkwind's Blue Haley
Ch. Sue Ellen Ewing of Chamberlain
Josy of Lincoln Park Gr.Int.Ch. Artus of Lincoln Park
Arbor Vitae Monachiel
Wendy of Ashby Int.Ch. Pride Erebus of Rakshasa Tigers Gr.Int.Ch. Farookh of Delia's Castle
Gr.Int.Ch. HohenNeudorf's Gandharven
Josie of Ashby Relaxing Tigers Manhatten
Carrie Bradshaw of Chamberlain