Of Gentle Giants

Maine Coon Hobbyzucht

Eltern Großeltern Urgroßeltern Ururgroßeltern


Quentin of Ashby

red silver cl. tb.

Diego of Chamberlain Catdancer MC's Colany Ch. Coonyham Lascaux of Garden of Eden
US GC Fletcher from Garden of Eden
Lilith of Chamberlain World Ch. Brownie of Chamberlain
Lady Marian of Chamberlain
Yade Of Gentle Giants Madepi-Coon's Jack in the Box Le Beau Minu Bobby Sox
Suntiger's India Arie
Madepi-Coon's Bella Queeny US Ch./Ch. Mainesuspect Riddick Bowe
Macoonaam Ferrero Kiss

Xenia of Ashby

black tb.

American Gentle Giants Aragon American Gentle Giants Kilroy Gr.Int.Ch. Rike's George Clooney
Only You of Ashby
GoldenValley Arktis Ice Woman Pokanoket Qincy
Aldaker Queen of Sheba
Gisele Harabo of Chamberlain World.Ch. Jason Walton of Chamberlain US Ch./Int.Ch. Luipinacoons Jim Knopf
Int.Ch. Cosma Shiva von Gulifine
Gr.Int.Ch. Addison Montgomery of Chamberlain Int.Ch. Zachary of Chamberlain
Ch. Miranda Bailev of Chamberlain