Of Gentle Giants

Maine Coon Hobbyzucht

Eltern Großeltern Urgroßeltern Ururgroßeltern


American Gentle Giants Kilroy

black silver cl. tb. white

Rike's George Clooney of Nayeli Carlos vom Zahrenreich Bobby
Ch. Belushies Destiny
Moon-Devil Passeier Velvet Rose Cooper
Alphacat Blind Date
Ashby Only You Int.Ch. Silvi-Cola Gelmir of Ashby Gr.Int.Ch. Escape Never Ending
Ch. Silvi-Cola Chickabee
Gr.Int.Ch. Ashby Arosa Gr.Euro.Ch. Chamberlain Obi-Wan
Ch. of Nightingale Energie

Of Gentle Giants Mila

red silver cl. tb. white

Of Gentle Giants Karamba Ashby Idefix Int.Ch. Silvi-Cola Gelmir of Ashby
Gr.Int.Ch. Ashby Arosa
of Scarlett's Garden Chrissy Int.Ch. Lowstonecreek Chili Pepper
Deep Ocean Blue Galathea
Of Gentle Giants Ylvy Yvaine Madepi-Coon's Jack in the Box Le Beau Minu Bobby Sox
Suntiger's India Arie
Madepi-Coon's Bella Queeny Ch./US Ch. Mainesuspect Riddick Bowe
Macoonaam Ferrero Kiss